How To Get Instant Work When Starting Your Window Cleaning Business

AA045762Subcontracting for Janitorial Companies

A huge piece of your business will come from janitorial companies who use you as a subcontractor. Janitorial companies specialize in all types of commercial cleaning, and most subcontract out window cleaning because it is more difficult, and best left to a professional. They usually always contract out the higher exterior window cleaning that they have to complete. It is your next mission to find all of the janitorial companies in your area, and become a vendor on their window cleaning vendor list. Let’s go ahead and strap on your alligator suit again, and get to work.

The first thing we need to do is to contact every janitorial company in the phone book and online in your local area. I prefer to use the phone, but if you want to drop by in person, it probably works better. If you go in person, wear something nice, take your professional brochure or business card, and introduce yourself as a window cleaner in the area, and that you would like to get on their bid list for any window cleaning projects that pop up. They will probably ask you a few questions about yourself and your services, so use this opportunity to build rapport. I used to bring my insurance certificate and a filled out W-9 when I would go prospecting like this. One of the questions they will ask you is if you are insured, and if you have proof to give them on the spot, it makes a good first impression. Before you leave, get their business card and contact info.

If you want to contact these companies by phone, here is exactly how you want to do it. Call the janitorial company and say ‘hello, I was wondering if you cleaned windows.’ If they say ‘yes’ then you say ‘great! I am a local window cleaner, and would like to get onto your vendor list to bid on any window cleaning projects that pop up. Can you help me with that?’ They will either tell you to send over your company info, or that they do the window cleaning themselves. If they say they do it themselves you say ‘great, well if you run across any high outside windows that you don’t want to mess with please give me a call.’ If they ask for your contact info then give it to them, otherwise get off the phone and go to the next one.

Now if when you call and ask if they clean windows and they say no, here is how you want to handle it. You say ‘great! I’m a local window cleaner, and can help you offer that service to your clients. If you want to start offering window cleaning, I’ll go bid it for you, you can mark it up to make a little something for yourself, I’ll do the work, and we both make money together. Sound good?’ If you serve it up like that to also benefit them, most of the time they will understand you, and want to start offering window cleaning. A lot of times they have been approached about window cleaning, but turn down the work because they don’t know how to do it. Most janitorial companies are so busy doing floors, carpets, and day porter work, that they don’t have time to clean windows. This is where you come in and team up with them. The more services they can offer their clients, the more money they make. Be diligent about following up with all of your janitorial clients. Many of them are so busy running their companies that they don’t have time to up sell window cleaning to their clients. It’s your job to give them a gentle and frequent reminder to do so.

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