How to Get Window Cleaning Customers Right Now

4.229160156_stdWe now need to let the world know your new business is up and running. I am going to teach you how to take massive action and start getting clients yesterday! If you stay excited, have alligator skin, and never quit on me, you will have amazing results. Let’s get right to it.


Commercial Clients

I am going to give you two different ways to market your services. The two ways are the pansy method and the alligator method. Both of these work, but I will leave it up to you to decide which one you think will work better than the other. Average people wait for the phone to ring, wait for a bid request from the website, and pass out business cards. Above average people that are out there achieving great things, do things a bit different, and their paychecks reflect it. I hope to inspire you to be above average in this book.

Commercial clients are the best kind to obtain, because they have the windows cleaned on a regular basis and therefore you get repeat business instantly. The pansy way to get a new client is to go out in shorts and t-shirt, and take a business card, drop it off, and say ‘can you give this to your manager or owner?’ That seems easy enough doesn’t it? Yes, it actually does work sometimes. You can also put the price to do the job on the back of the card if you’re clever. This method will bring in an average amount of business. I would imagine that if you go to 25 different businesses, at least one may call you back.

Here is the alligator way to do things. Get dressed up in something nice or business casual at the very least. Go business to business with a professional proposal form from your company, and a business card or professional flyer. Next, walk into the business or office with your chin up and smile. Then whenever the person at that place of business greets you or asks to help you, you say ‘Hi my name is Sebastian from Always Perfect Window Cleaning, and I would like to get set up on your vendor list for your window cleaning services. Can you please help me with that?’ Or you can say ‘Hi, my name is Sebastian and I would like to get on your bid list for your window cleaning services. Can you put me in touch with the person who handles that?’ When you ask these questions it comes across as you trying to network with them instead of trying to sell them something. It also assumes the sale because you are not asking if you can wash their windows, you are asking to get on the ‘list’ of people who already bid on their window cleaning. The funny thing is some businesses have a list of window cleaning vendors that bid each year to perform the work, but most businesses do not. When you take this approach it does a couple things. First, you come across as a professional who knows what they are talking about when a business has an existing vendor list. Second, you will remind other businesses to get their act together and to have an organized vendor list to call on.

Now if they say yes to you, then find out who you need to deliver the proposal to. Ask for that person’s business card, and make sure it has an email on the card. Then if you already know how much to charge, and how often they want it done, fill out the proposal form, hand it to the person, and inform them that you will email an electronic copy of the estimate. When you get back to your office or from your laptop, enter their info into Quick Books, and email them an estimate. This is huge because they can’t tell you they lost your estimate when you follow up later on. If it’s a bigger building, and you need more time to bid the project, then tell them that you will email the proposal at a later time. Then follow up a day or two later on the phone. Remember you have their business card and some rapport built, so don’t be hesitant with this part. They will tell you yes, no, or we need more time to decide. If they say yes, then you know what to do from there. If they say no to you, then thank them for the opportunity to bid on the project, and to please keep your business card for the future. If they say they need more time to decide, follow up with them every week on the phone until they tell you yes or no. I promise you that if you use this approach, then you will be adding more clients to your database more quickly than your competition. It’s going to take thicker skin to pull this off, but it will do two things for you. First, you will polish your sales and networking skills. Second, you will make more frequent trips to the bank to make deposits into your accounts. How bad do you want it?

Residential Clients

Once again we need to get the word out about your new window cleaning business, and it’s time to target the residential market. The cool thing about residential clients is that you usually make more money from these jobs because the bidding is less competitive than commercial work. Also if you do a great job, and they get to know you well, then they are a client for life. The biggest complaint I have heard from residential clients about window cleaners is that they don’t answer their phones live. I have gotten countless new clients just because I answer the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail. They will go down the list in the phone book until someone answers their phone live, so do your best to take all of your calls that come in. The pansy method to getting new residential clients is to sit around and take calls that come in from your web site or yellow page ad, and complete a couple of jobs each week. That sounds easy doesn’t it?

Now I would like to speak to the alligators. First, start by attending networking groups where everyone exchanges their business cards, and where everyone refers business to each other. Stand up and do a 15 second commercial about your company and promote it with confidence. I have networked with plenty of people from landscapers to realtors to grab more residential clients. If you just Google ‘networking groups’ and the city you live in, they’re contact info will come up along with the meeting places and times. Get in touch with the person who runs to group and find out if they already have a window cleaner in their group. If not, then go down and sign up and start networking.

Using door hangers is another successful method to acquire more residential clients. Don’t cut corners and use fliers, only use door hangers. If you Google ‘door hangers’, you will find plenty of companies who can print up and ship some really nice door hangers. Always put a coupon on the door hanger because you need to give the client some incentive to call. A good coupon is $10 off for outside only cleaning, or $20 off for in and out window cleaning. Hire a local company that passes out fliers and door hangers. Make sure that they target certain zip codes that have above average income. Remember window cleaning is a luxury item. If your toilet breaks, you usually have to call a plumber, but if your windows are dirty, you could clean it yourself. The reason I advise you to use a local flier company is because they will complete the work faster than you can, and they know where not to go, such as gated communities or no soliciting communities. I know this method will require some investment, but if you spend $500 on printing and passing out 5000 door hangers, all you need are about 2 or 3 clients to make your money back. If you receive a return of only one percent, that will equal fifty new clients.

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