How To Land New Construction Window Cleaning Jobs

The cool thing about targeting new construction projects is that the windows must be cleaned, and therefore somebody is going to be doing that work. A commercial building or residential client can pass on window cleaning if their budget is a bit tight, however new construction projects cannot. They must clean the windows on the building before turning it over to the owner for completion. The construction company always has a budget set aside for final cleaning, and so this makes for a situation of guaranteed work. The window cleaning is done towards the end of the project as part of the final construction cleanup phase of the building. You will be one of the last contractors on the job. You want to be as well because the last thing we want is to have other contractors that are still working on the job mucking up our clean windows. What happens is most construction companies hire a janitorial company to do the final construction cleanup. The janitorial company will come in and do three different cleans. They first do a rough clean, second they do a final clean, and then a final powder puff clean. The windows are usually cleaned during the final clean. I am telling you this because most construction companies do not contract out the window cleaning separately from the regular cleanup, and they want all of the cleaning bundled into one package that is handled by one company. Then what happens is the janitorial company will subcontract out the window cleaning part of the work to a professional window cleaning company. Some janitorial companies do the window cleaning on their own, but most do not. Your mission here is to find out which janitorial company is contracted to clean the project, and then go and get on their bid list for the final construction window cleaning. I know this all sounds a bit complicated but stick with me here. Your job is to simply go around, find construction projects, find out which janitorial company is contracted to do the final clean, and then put in a bid the that janitorial company. Don’t freak out! I will explain in detail how to accomplish all of this, so if you’re feeling like an alligator, listen up.

As you drive around town, look out for new buildings or homes being built. When you see these projects, you will usually notice a mobile home looking trailer on the jobsite. This trailer is where the project supervisor dwells, when he or she is not walking around on the project. The project supervisor or one of his /her assistants is who you want to speak to. Do not show up in shorts and a t-shirt. Be sure to wear long pants, a nice shirt, and a hard hat. Yes I said wear a hard hat. Go down to Home Depot and spend ten bucks on a hard hat, because you will be required to wear it when on a construction site. Mornings are the busiest times for supervisors as they get their crews started, so don’t show up too early. When you arrive, go into the trailer and with confidence ask for the supervisor. Then introduce yourself briefly, and immediately ask ‘ has the final cleanup on this project been contracted out yet?’ The supervisor will say yes, no, or question who you are and what you want. If they question who you are, tell them you are a window cleaner and are trying to get in touch with the janitorial company who is doing the final clean, because you would like to be the window cleaning subcontractor for this project. If the supervisor says yes the project is already contracted out, then you say ‘great, can you help put me in touch with that janitorial company and give me their contact info?’ The supervisor will give you their contact information; you can thank him/her, and leave the site. If the supervisor tells you that the final clean has not been contracted out yet, tell him/her that you would like to get on the bid list for the final cleanup. Get the contact info for the supervisor, or whoever is in charge of taking in the bid, say thanks, and leave. Your goal after this visit is to have either the janitorial company’s contact info or the contact info of the person at the construction company for the janitorial company to give the bid to.

First, we will talk about what to do when you get the contact info of the janitorial company. Go ahead and call that janitorial company, introduce yourself, let them know you are a window cleaning contractor, and that you would like to get on their bid list for the construction project you visited. If they are a local company, offer to stop by and shake hands so everyone can see and meet who they are dealing with. They will either tell you to come by and give them a bid, or they will tell you that they already use someone else. Even if they tell you that they use someone else, ask them if it’s ok that you also get set up as a window cleaning vendor with them to bid on future projects. When they tell you to give them a bid on the project, get it to them as soon as possible, and remember to email them a copy.

If you went and spoke to the supervisor, and they want a bid for the final clean, then you need to find a janitorial company to team up with. Open up the phone book, or go online and find janitorial companies who do construction cleanups. Call them and find out if they do the window cleaning, or if they contract it out. If they contract it out, then you have a potential winner. Explain to them that you have a construction project that wants a bid on the final clean and that you want to do the window cleaning part of the cleanup, and oh by the way a ten percent  finder’s fee would be nice as well. If you are going to do all the foot work to find someone else some extra work, shouldn’t you be paid for your time? Have them give one single bid for the entire final clean which will include your price for the window cleaning to the construction company. You’re all set and your job is to follow up with the supervisor to see if you win the bid.

This process is a little different when dealing with smaller projects such as single homes. They still will have a supervisor onsite for you to talk to, but sometimes these projects will contract you directly for the final construction window clean.

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