Window Cleaning Techniques – How To Clean Windows

window-cleaning-businessOverview of Techniques

Now for the fun part, I get to explain in a book how to clean a window and a screen. It’s really simple but not easy when first starting out. There are numerous ways to wash and squeegee a window. The main thing you want to remember is that you will need some practice, and some patience when first starting out. Perfect practice equals perfect performance, and so I would encourage you to take your time when first starting out to do a perfect job on each window, and the speed will come with experience later on. The two methods we will talk about are washing with tools in hand, and washing with a pole in hand. You will wash by hand about 80% of the time, unless you are doing a lot of route work, then it will be the opposite. It is good to learn both to start. Since the best way to learn these techniques is through visual reference, I will now refer you to one of the best learning tools on the planet.

 Use You-Tube

I find it fascinating that people would spend a bunch of money on some expensive package that includes a cheap DVD or two on how to clean windows, when they can find a ton more resources and tutoring right on You-Tube for free. If you go to, and type in ‘window cleaning techniques’, you will find an amazing amount of very talented people teaching you in a video how to clean a window. What you will find is that there are a variety of techniques, and instead of sticking to just one or two, you can learn many from many different professionals. Here are a couple of examples of free training videos online.,

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